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Bowerbirds are known for turning sticks and leaves into elaborate nests that attract mates. Here at Jacky Winter, our Storyboarders, Animatic Artists and Scribers are known for taking ideas and turning them into captivating visuals that explain concepts and get big wins for our clients.

Hence the name, and hence the many years of successful projects.

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So you’ve got the idea. The script that’ll send you to Cannes. The pitch that’ll have clients drooling. The stroke of genius that hit you while you were on the loo.

And now you need to communicate it.

We turn ideas into visuals to help them become reality.

From TVC scripts, event concepts, meeting notes, to production boards — our diverse, award-winning roster of artists specialise in communicating the spirit of an idea, alongside its camera movement, framing and timing.

Whether you’re selling a concept into client, taking an idea to research or just nutting out the kinks before diving into production, our artists can show everybody what’s in that beautiful mind of yours.

Storyboards, Visualisations and Keyframes

Who cares how many words a picture can paint if they’re not the right ones? Our storyboard artists and visualisers take your concept and inject it with the emotion, tone and tszuj it needs and they do it fast. Style and level of finish are tailored to your project, spanning from loose black and white sketches for those early ideas, highly polished full colour renders for when you’ve really got to sell it, or something uniquely stylised for a look that isn’t like all the rest. 

Animatics / Animated Storyboards

Want to make it move? Fluttermatic brings our in-house animation studio together with any of our Bowery artists to set their work in motion. These animated mock-ups are a vital way of really testing things out before spending wads of cash on production and media spots.

Check out Fluttermatic

Graphic Recording / Scribing

Our talented graphic recorders (or scribers) can visualise meetings, workshops or conferences in real time, leaving you with a lasting and engaging record of the ideas. Having someone on-site, acting as a graphic sounding board, helps your team bring out their creative sides and remember the key elements of a pitch, brainstorming session or presentation.


Alice Edy


Andries Maritz


Bill Hope


Chris Wahl


Eddie Chau


Guy Shield


James Fosdike


Jeremy Ley


Jo Ley


Paul Könye


Rob Elliott


Romeo Varga


Ross Murray


The Sharp Brothers

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