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About Alice Edy

Alice Edy is an artist and visual communicator based in Melbourne. With a background in Fine Arts and commercial illustration, combined with a Masters degree in Literature, Alice is fascinated by how words and pictures can be combined to simplify content, and make ideas more accessible, fun, and ultimately, more memorable.

Alice has worked with a variety of organisations, from Fortune 500 companies to local community projects. At the heart of her practice is the firm conviction that humans think best collaboratively, and that this kind of magic happens when a group can all see the (literal) “Big Picture” together.

More than anything, Alice loves working with people, ideas, and stories. She has supported processes in rooms of up to 400 delegates, as well as co-facilitated intimate workshops with teams of fewer than 10 people. Alice is flexible, happy to travel, and always excited to play with new ways of thinking.

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