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Royal Baby, shmoyal shmaby. Here’s a lovechild to really get excited about.

Fluttermatic is the joint venture between the Bowery (our storyboard artists and visualisers) and Flutter (our in-house animation arm). With the Bowery known for their unrivalled visualisation skills and Flutter for their award-winning animation work, combining forces to create an offering dedicated to the art of animatics was a no-brainer way to build on our existing offerings to our clients.

Together, our artists and animators take your scripts and turn them into animatics that win pitches and make the most of the research and planning processes. Style, complexity and level of finish are all up to you — from simple, black and white frames to highly polished, 3D visuals, and anywhere in-between.

And for those special projects that call for something totally unique, the beauty of our setup means we can bring anyone from the Jacky Winter roster into the Fluttermatic fold. Meaning any of our talented artists can be involved in each and every step of your production pipeline — from conception right through to final execution.

Tying everything together is our crack team of Producers. With extensive experience across every facet of the creative process, they’re highly qualified to guide you through all elements of a project — the quote, schedule, specs, artist choice, and so on — and ensure the finished product is tailored exactly to your timing, budget and creative needs. Ever heard of an animatic project with a cruisy deadline? Like that Nigerian Prince that keeps sending you emails, they don’t bloody exist. That’s why our Producers are there from start to finish to make sure everyone has what they need to get the job done, on time and on budget.

To find out more about how Fluttermatic can get your bright ideas off the page and onto the screen, give us a holler!

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