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About Jeremy Ley

Jeremy Ley has voices in his head. They’re not all crazy voices, a lot of them are quite normal. In fact, some of them have been used on big ad campaigns. You see Jeremy also has the ability to draw (he’s pretty good at it too!), which means the voices also exist out there in the real world.

When he was young he travelled a lot; Europe, Asia, America, basically wherever his parents went. As an only child he was forced to come up with friends of his own. This is when he started to draw. His characters were wild and full of life, but also subtle and a bit peculiar. Eventually those friends became his BFFs and started to get him recognition in the commercial and art world. They now earn their keep by doing his biddings from time to time.

Jeremy and his friends have illustrated and storyboarded for clients such as Cadbury, Telstra, Disney, Clemenger BBDO, Toyota, NAB, Crown, ANZ, KFC, Carlton, Pure Blonde, Four’n Twenty, Kirin, Corona and Vice.

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