Paul Könye— Storyboards

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Shaded Colour

Grey Wash


About Paul Könye

Paul Könye is a digital storyboard artist whose work is characterised by lively line work and vibrant colours. Straight to the point, but having some fun along the way. Inspired by Maurice Sendak, Tin Tin and Mad Comics, Paul learnt to draw from Walter Foster and a skilful artisan named Granddad. He now produces the best selling How to Draw titles for the next generation of budding artists.

As a kid, Paul funnelled his adventurous mind into drawing. John Wayne, James Bond and The Six Million Dollar Man wreaked havoc in his sketchbook all before the Sunday roast, earning him marbles back at school.

Paul says his marbles are mullah now, and John Wayne has been retired, but the wonder is still there. Just don’t tell Mr Deadline. Who he has utmost respect for by the way.

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