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About Romeo Varga

Romeo Varga began drawing at age 3 in Bosnia. Thanks to the support of his kindergarten teachers, Romeo had his first public art exhibition at the age of 4. By the time he had graduated as an Interior Designer at University of Technology Sydney in 2003, he had already started a career in exhibition display design and had work published in various German magazines. In his early 20s, Romeo decided that the next step was a career in storyboards, concept art and matte painting.

Romeo was invited to join Disney’s 2D team in 2002 and was part of BBC, Melbourne Cycling and University of Newcastle projects. He has also worked on various TV commercials for Subaru, Skoda, Toyota, Holden, Samsung, Cadbury and the Australian Navy. Across 5 different countries, and over 30 years, Romeo is loving every moment of his work.

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Working with Romeo has been very easy and effortless. His flexibility, creativeness and attitude during the workshop have been the extra mile in the experience our clients. We are happy to continue our work relationship with him.

Anika Stolz

Finance and Performance Manager, Deloitte Sydney
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